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It's easy to build and install your own rock wall that will give the kids a fun and challenging way to climb up to the fort with any of our Climbing Rock Holds! We have a number of colorful and rugged options that are sure to be a hit on the playset!

We all love puzzles in some capacity. The earlier this passion is fostered, the greater its ability to influence how little ones see the world around them as they grow through love and play. Early interactions with the larger world often make lasting impressions, marking special moments in rosy hues to be looked back on fondly later in life. What better way to foster a love for climbing than to build a playground rock wall for your children? A rock climbing play structure makes a wonderful addition to any playground environment for those who like a good challenge. The playground rock climbing wall grips we offer come in a variety of shapes and sizes that create endless opportunities to offer a challenge, provide practice, and work on functional strength under the impression of play. Using handholds rather than a stair ladder makes the slide down that much sweeter!

A child's ability to scale a wall using our customizable playground rock climbs speaks to an unstoppable spirit in the making. As an unflinching adventurer ready to take on the climb regardless of the prize at the top, those who understand the climb can pass that knowledge on to the little ones in their lives. We are pleased to offer you the best quality and easily customizable variety of plastic climbers that are ready for installation and play upon arrival. These rock climbing handles and grips were never meant to be boxed, but rather explored along with the character of those bold enough to endeavor to use them. We appreciate your call to adventure and are happy to offer you the options needed to accomplish those goals. Please feel free to ask our experts any questions you might have in order to make the process as easy and exciting as possible.