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As you already know, the family is proud to offer the best selection of safe and affordable play equipment online. That selection includes protective playground equipment. Whether it’s used to protect your child from hurting their playset or the other way around, we have a selection of playset safety products to keep your child and their playset safe.

Daily swinging can lead to a hole dug in the ground by children's feet. Save the soil below with a playground floor mat! Our rubber swing / slide mats prevent the all too familiar excessive wear and eventual puddle that is found at many swing set parks. These mats are great for putting at the end of the slide, too, for both a safe landing and to protect the surfacing from developing a hole.

As kids grow and develop their bodies naturally get bigger. When this happens their swing set may teeter or totter as they swing higher and higher. Or even having multiple kids swinging at once will put a lot of force on the swing set that can quickly lead to an unsafe situation. This is why we recommend using swing set anchors to keep the swing set firmly on the ground. Sure, the rocking may seem fun to a child, but to an adult, the fear is too real. Eliminate that fear with an anchor kit.