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Look at any playground today, and you'll notice one thing missing: metal slides. Back in the day, many children would come home crying as they nursed a painful burn from a metal slide that had been baking in the hot summer sun. On top of that, many metal slides didn't have the protection from the elements that they do today, and consequently, they rusted, leaving jagged edges that cut and scraped little arms and legs. In order to conform to standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, metal slides were replaced by safer, sturdier models made using rotomolded plastic construction. As a result, today's playground equipment slides are more safe and sturdy than ever, made from safe, non-corrosive materials that won't burn buns in the summertime or ice over in the winter.

Today's playground slides come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations. Choose from playground slides with straight, scoop, or flared ends. Some models feature high scoop sides for added safety. Other slides feature the more traditional straight configuration. If you are in charge of putting together playground equipment, there are extra wide slide models that feature center rails so that more than one child can slide at once. There are more options to choose from: For younger kids, you can install a smaller playground slide, attaching it to a 3-foot platform. There are even specialty playground slides, with different hoods and scoop bottoms that can be installed in your choice of varying slide configurations, including straight, veer, snake, and curve options. Regardless of the model or arrangement, whether the playground slide is installed for preschoolers or older kids, all are designed and manufactured to last for many years. Whichever slide you go with, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that today's slides are safer than ever and just as fast and exciting!