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Experience the ultimate in tire swing motion with Swing Set Mall's diverse range of tire swing swivels, designed to bring smooth, safe spins to your backyard fun. Our collection guarantees an enhanced tire swing experience, ensuring every twist and turn is a joyous ride. 

Bring Your Tire Swing to Life With Our Tire Swing Swivels!

The quintessential tire swing, a staple of childhood memories, gets a new lease on life with the right tire swing swivel.

The essence of this classic play equipment lies not just in the tire itself but in the freedom and thrill of its movement - a seamless, effortless spin that ignites laughter and excitement

The magic of a tire swing swivel is in how it transforms a static tire into a dynamic play experience, allowing children to soar, spin, and enjoy the wind in their hair.

The swivel is the heart of the tire swing, ensuring smooth rotations without the hassle of tangled ropes or chains. It's an unsung hero, bearing the load while offering a fluid, 360-degree movement that makes tire swinging an exhilarating activity.

This component is essential not only for fun but also for safety, preventing undue stress on the swing's attachments and ensuring a secure experience. That’s why parents and playground builders alike trust us for our tire swing hardware. Shop now and find out why yourself!

Why Order Your Tire Swing Hardware at Swing Set Mall?

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the past forty years and counting. Our legacy of trust and quality has been forged by consistently helping families and communities elevate their play experiences with safe, affordable equipment.

Our tire swing hardware, from the Light Duty Tire Swivel to the Commercial Heavy Duty Tire Swivel, embodies our commitment to quality.

These products are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of play while providing the smoothest and safest swinging experience. 

Our tire swing swivels are coated with weather-resistant materials and equipped with features like grease fittings for easy maintenance. 

The Heavy Duty Tire Swing Bundle exemplifies our approach to convenience and value, offering a complete set-up for a tire swing in one package. This commitment to quality, combined with our unmatched customer service and competitive pricing, makes Swing Set Mall the go-to destination for playground needs.

If you aren’t sure which tire swing swivel fits your needs, get in touch with our experts via live chat, phone, or email - we’ll point you in the right direction so you can place your order with complete confidence.

Speaking of which, your order is protected by our 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? See how much simpler and more fun tire swings can be with the right tire swing hardware! 

Get Your Swing Hung With Confidence Using Our Tire Swing Swivels Today!

Ready to infuse new life into your tire swing? Choose Swing Set Mall for tire swing supplies that guarantee reliability and fun.

We have other tire swing essentials to help you get your swing hung if you aren’t using one of our bundles. That includes everything from tire swing straps to playground swing chains.

Or, explore other types of playground swings we have in store for you - from ADA swings to baby swings, trapeze swings, belt swing seats, disc swings, adult swing seats, glider swings, web swings, and more. You can round the fun out with more swing set accessories, like our playground slides or monkey bars

Whether you're setting up a new swing or upgrading an existing one, our tire swing swivels ensure that your tire swing is a source of endless joy and safe play. So, get the strongest, most reliable tire swing hardware today!