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Young kids are often called little monkeys for a reason. Climbing helps build upper body strength and gives children a chance to find their limits. Climbing toys for toddlers are a safe way to build their confidence and strength in play environments that prevent any damage to them or the living room! By adding backyard toys for kids to play with, growth occurs in both mind and body, giving you the peace of mind that play is happening outside the house.

Beyond just swing sets, there are kids outdoor toys that allow children of all ages to enjoy the outdoors in new and exciting ways. Attach the Slackers NinjaLine 8 ft Climbing Rope with Foot Holds to the NinjaLine Intro Kit for a variety of backyard climbing toys your children will love. The Slackers NinjaLine 36 ft Intro Kit easily attaches between two trees, giving your little monkey a new way to challenge themselves. They will have a blast pretending the grass is hot lava or a fast-flowing river, while they try to get from one side to the other without falling. Or, they can be a Ninja stealthily making their way from one building to another!

Looking for outdoor toys with a closer to the ground experience for your child? Check out our selection of teeter-totters and seesaws – the classic backyard toy, which has been updated for the new millennium. Another classic playground event they will love is the Geo Dome Climber from Lifetime, which is a great product for any backyard as children love it and parents can easily move it when it's time to mow the lawn!