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When you finally decide to create a playground for your children, you might find it challenging to decide exactly where and how to begin. How do you get those enormous slides, swings, and playhouses to your backyard? What should you put in place first? And what should you put where? We are here to make these questions easier for you to answer by offering you playground equipment that is easy to install. Forget about having to set up a larger than life slide and think of the convenience of a sectioned one. A sectional slide is made up of a number of pieces put together to form one full-size slide. These pieces include the entrance, inserts, and exit. The number of slide sections depends on the length of the slide. In our collection, we have both short length and long sectional slides. For instance, with our Multi-Piece Scoop Slide, you can choose customized lengths. You can also select the option with just the entrance and exit pieces to work with deck heights of 3 feet. Alternatively, you can add an insert for 4 feet high decks. If you want the slide to work with a deck that's 5 feet high, then you can take two inserts alongside the exit and entrance sections.

When you purchase from us, we also have hardware that will enable you to join one section slide to the next. The sections come together seamlessly into a smooth and sturdy slide that works just as well as a one-piece slide.

Sectional slides give you more flexibility in height and configuration options. Come to us for unlimited design choices for sectional slides and all your playground needs.