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Shop our wide selection of backyard ziplines! Add a thrill from tree to tree to the yard with one of our zip line kits ranging from 35 to 100 ft in cable! Check out the different options, like our kits with seats or harnesses, as well as accessories, like our stop blocks and tree protectors.

When you are little the world seems so large – from animals, buildings, and completing a task on your own. From a child's perspective, everything is a climb, and most things take time and effort to achieve. Climbing into a car, climbing into a chair, climbing into bed, or climbing up to the sink for a glass of precious water. With all the necessary climbing they have to do, it's nice to enjoy the climb for the sake of fun at the end – enter the playground zip line. Thankfully, swing sets exist to facilitate this end, and playground zip lines are one of the most fun and exciting add-ons of all! After all, at the heart of every child is the burning desire to experience more, soar higher, and be bigger than the little bodies they’ve been given to work with.

Adding a swing set with zip line to your backyard will allow your child to fly above the surroundings that they normally stand on and instill the passion of ascending in all of life’s ventures. In our zip line playsets, we offer a large range of zip line kits complete with steel cable, trolleys, attachment hardware, and disc seats. Everything your child needs to fly! And when it comes to experiencing the art of flight, there is nothing more important to us than the safety of your little birds as they try out their wings. Our selection of zipline accessories include helmets, harnesses, and a variety of zip line brake options. These accessories and kits take every measure possible to keep them flight-ready and pumped for their next turn!

With colorful options such as the Slackers Flying Saucer Swing Seat, safety stop blocks and bungee brake kits to keep them from going too far, we have everything you need for your children’s playground zipline! We are excited to share this experience with you and yours and look forward to answering any questions you might have during your shopping experience with us.