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At SwingSetMall.com, we have the largest selection of quality swing seats available online! Our collection of unique specialty swings includes our dish and net swings, ADA accessible options, spring swings, swings made from recycled tires, and more!

Kids come in all shapes and sizes. No matter where they are in the world, they all have one thing in common: they like to have fun. Sometimes, though, the lack of access to playground equipment leaves some kids on the sidelines, watching their friends as they play, swing, climb, and have a good time. Where's the fun in that? With this in mind, we are proud to present our collection of specialty swings designed to include everyone! From saucer swings to ADA adaptive swing seats, this lineup has been specifically chosen to include unique and hard-to-find equipment.

Our ADA-compliant swings are specifically designed to accommodate children with disabilities. Take our adaptive swings, for example. Their solid structure is constructed in rotationally molded plastic and includes built-in head support. They are available in several different colors, comes in multiple sizes, and are designed for both comfort and safety, securing your child in place with a harness. Another great option is our swings that are specifically designed to meet and exceed ADA requirements. Partially-reclined, four-point suspension and ergonomic design options make it easy to lift your child into the swing. Some swings feature adjustable safety harnesses so your child can safely experience the sheer joy of soaring through the air.

For the littles in your life, there are specialty swings made just for tiny ones and conversion kits for your existing playset. Some unique designs can convert any playground swing into a kid’s swing that is safe, comfortable, and fun! Convenient and portable, some of them are even small enough to fit inside a diaper bag. What's more, some styles are machine washable and can act as insulation from playground germs or hot swing seats. There are other great alternative swings in our specialty line such as interwoven strap seats that allow kids to lie down and fly through the air like their favorite superhero! Some of the thrilling web swings can hold up to 3 children for even more fun, and our saucer swings with stands are excellent choices for growing families. Our specialty line of swings has something for kids of all shapes, sizes, and abilities!