Spring Swing Xtreme with Disc Seat (30-SSXTR)

Spring Swing Xtreme with Disc Seat

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    This is a disc swing with bounce! A tough coil spring mounted inside a PVC tube makes this a truly unique swing event. For best use, children just touch their feet to the ground while sitting on the disc seat and create the bouncing motion by pushing up and down with their legs!

    Spring Swing Features

    • Extremely durable and reliable
    • For children weighing between 30 and 300 lbs
    • Disc swing seat is available in Yellow only
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards
    • Made in the USA for more than 30 years!
    • For lighter weight children, see our the original Spring Swing


    See the Spring Swing Xtreme in Action!

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    • Spring Swings - Swings that Bounce!

    Spring Swings - Swings that Bounce!

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