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Getting a grip is a true safety concern for children at play! Fumbling, bumbling, and stumbling, playground handles in the right place provide safety for the most clumsy of kids. Swing set handles are great for playset entrances. Attach our popular 37" Metal Safety Handrails to lumber for an easy ladder handle the kids with love to grab ahold of. These metal handrails provide the needed stability necessary for the unstable kids that wobble amongst us.

Rock climbing holds provide a new opportunity to create an entrance all your own. Work together with your child in building a rock climbing entrance to their existing playset. Or find new ways to use them, such as adding them to a bunk bed to make going to bed a little more enjoyable!

All in all, swing set grab handles add a level of comfort knowing your kid can get a grip by adding strong, sturdy, handles to their playset. Adding poly handles to a playset is as easy as observing your child, asking them where they may want to install it, and screwing in two lag bolts. The perfect afternoon project to build trust, color, and comfort with each other and with the safety of their playset.