Tube Slides

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Slides are a great addition to your kids' playground. When you're looking for a slide for your children, consider branching out from the common slide designs that are found in every school park. Your kids deserve all the excitement they can get, and if there's a slide that can make their play more adventurous, then you should definitely get it for them. Tube slides bring an entirely new experience to the playground compared to the traditional open slides. A tube slide is an enclosed slide. Sitting down at the entrance, kids slide down a tube before emerging at the exit. Our tube slides will make choosing the best enclosed slide for your little ones easy. Note that any plastic tube slide that we have in our selection is of the highest quality. Tube slides for playgrounds need to be strong enough to handle any activity, and ours are constructed using durable, thick plastic.

In our collection, you can find a tube slide to fit whichever deck height you're working with. Our tube slides have a diameter that allows your kids to slide comfortably, in the recommended position. As a benefit to you, our slides meet ASTM safety standards so you can rest easy knowing that your children are not exposed to any risk. It's vital for an outdoor tube slide to be able to withstand the elements found outside for it to last long. Our playground tube slides are UV treated to protect against strong rays that otherwise could cause them to fade over time. That also keeps the slides from getting extremely hot during the day, which might have made playing on them unbearable. We don't offer just any old slide tubes; we have exciting designs that include twists and turns, thus giving your kids something different and extraordinary from straight slides. Your children will undoubtedly find our slides exhilarating!