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Assembling a swing requires its own set of unique shop tools. To permanently connect your swing seat to your swing chain, you simply can't bend an s-hook without an s-hook tool. Or at the very least, this is the best and easiest method available. We have multiple s-hook tools to choose from to get the job done time and time again. For large assembly projects for schools, and public parks, these s-hook tools save you time and energy! They are a must-have for your park maintenance tool kit.

To assemble our swing kits in house we rely on the S-Hook Plier & Chain Cutter day in day out. This version includes chain cutters to shorten the chain to your swing sets specifications. An s-hook tool also comes in handy for opening s-hooks. This can be necessary when replacing the swing seats or chains on your swing set. An s-hook tool is specially designed to pry-open an s-hook so you don't have to resort to using a hacksaw.

If you’re purchasing a clevis of any kind, you’ll want to order our Hex Tool to tighten down the lock pin. This specialized swing set tool secures swings and chains to clevis and shackle connectors. While it looks similar to an allen wrench, it has a unique notched hole on both ends that will fit the security pins on our clevis style fasteners and swing hanger pendulums to prevent unwanted theft from occurring on your playground.