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Surf the wave and elevate your outdoor fun with our exhilarating wave slides at Swing Set Mall. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your backyard play paradise or you’re building a park playground, the perfect slide is just a few clicks away! 

Make a Splash with Every Slide on Our Wave Slides at Swing Set Mall!

Every playground deserves a centerpiece that screams excitement. The slides we’ve curated for you on this page are the statement you’ve been searching for!

Envision the sheer delight of a seaside adventure right in your own garden. The giggles and screams of joy as your kids navigate the cresting waves, all within the safety and comfort of your watchful eyes. 

These slides are not just about the exhilaration of the descent, though. They're about capturing those precious moments of childhood fun and freedom, moments of unbridled play that every parent yearns to provide. 

The slide is nothing more than a vessel for creating lasting memories. It's about the ease of knowing your children are playing on durable, carefully constructed slides that stand as a symbol of safety and quality - values that our brand has championed since its inception back in 1989. Shop now and discover the Swing Set Mall difference firsthand or learn more below!

What Makes Our Collection the #1 Choice Online For Families and Organizations Alike?

We’re passionate about empowering parents and communities with playground equipment that offers the best of both worlds - fun and safety. While a lot has changed since we first opened up shop more than 30 years ago, our commitment to this mission is stronger than ever.

You can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the quality your home or park deserves. We’ve curated only the best of the best and are willing to stand behind these products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here are the 3 most popular styles in our collection: 

  • Wonder Wave Slide: Its innovative design includes extra-strength molded pockets, specifically engineered for stability that withstands the test of energetic play. The smooth, double-wall construction ensures a ride that's thrilling yet secure, accommodating up to 125 lbs. Its green and yellow color options symbolize the freshness and energy of youth, making it an excellent choice for residential play areas.

  • Heavy Duty Wave Slide: Durability meets vibrancy. Tailored for a 4 ft deck height, this slide can hold up to a robust 300 lbs, making it a versatile addition for not only home playsets but also school playgrounds and community parks. Its heavy-duty, roto-molded plastic is built to withstand the elements and the rigorous play of countless children, ensuring a lasting investment in play. Available in an array of colors, it offers customization to suit any setting.

  • Triple Rail Wave Slide: Features a dual bedway design, allowing kids to choose their own adventure: the thrilling rush of the concave slide or the sweeping ride of the convex slide. This makes it a tool for teaching decision-making. Designed for a 5' deck height and constructed with tough double-wall rotomolded plastic, it's suitable for high-traffic playgrounds, ensuring a smooth and safe landing every time.

Experience the Unprecedented Thrill of Wave Slides Firsthand!

Now that you've envisioned the perfect playtime paradise, it's time to make it a reality. Let Swing Set Mall be your partner in crafting a playground that resonates with laughter and adventure.

While there’s no denying the thrill of this type of slide, it’s just one of the many types of playground slides we have in store for you at Swing Set Mall. Reach out for a personalized recommendation or browse our double slides, scoop slides, spiral slides, tube slides, sectional slides, and freestanding slides

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Explore our collection, consult with our play experts, and choose the wave slide that will become the cornerstone of countless happy memories. Don’t just dream about delight - let your children live it with every slide, swoop, and laugh.