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When you are buying swings and chain, you need a way to connect it all together! We have all the fasteners you will need right here from convenient Quick Links and Spring Clips, to commercial grade Clevises and S-Hooks. Here you will also find our popular A-Brackets for creating your own flat swing, playset anchors, and other helpful hardware for your playground.

Remember that time your dad built your bike, but failed to install the brakes? That’s like ordering a swing seat, with the swing chains, but nothing to attach the two together! Save that embarrassment and frustration for someone else. We know that when you decide to add a swing set to your child’s life, it is easy to miss the little things, like the swing chain fasteners. For this reason, we have all the swing hardware you need right here. We offer multiple ways to attach swing chain to swing seats - S-Hooks, Spring Clips and Clevises are our favorites!

To confirm you have everything you need for your child’s swing set, think of the individual components and how they work together. Starting at the top you’ll have a beam, either wood or pipe which will need its own playset bracket to stand on legs. To attach a swing to that beam you’ll need a swing hanger, swing strap, or shaft style hanger. This gives your child a swinging point and bears the brunt of the back-and-forth motion. To attach a swing chain to that hanger you will need an s-hook, spring clip, quick link, or clevis – and be sure to order pairs since most swing seats need two chains. Then to attach your swing seat to the chain you will want a second pair of connectors.

The advantage of an S-Hook is that it offers a permanent connection between the swing chain and the seats and hangers. These are commercial grade fasteners, and most common for public school or park playgrounds. We use them on our own pre-assembled swing seats. However, they are more difficult to install as they must be securely bent closed (with an S-Hook Tool, table-top vice, or very heavy duty pliers), and tight enough that they do not create a pinch-point. With a Clevis (also known as a shackle), you have the benefit of commercial grade durability along with the convenience of easy attachment with its screw pin design. For residential grade installs, a more convenient fastener choice would be a Spring Clip or Quick Link. At the bottom, where little fingers like to fidget, we recommend a fastener that has a nut that can be securely tightened so the kids don't take things apart!

We also offer swing A-Brackets for you to create your own custom wood swing seat! Do you have a rubber tire but no way to attach chain to it? By utilizing our Tire Swing Eye Bolt Set you can get that tire spinning again! If you have any questions about your individual project our knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist via phone, email, or live chat.