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Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that are the most important. This is especially true with swing set connectors. After all, how much fun is a swing that isn’t hooked together? Whether you have a backyard swingset or you’re in charge of the school playground, we have you covered with everything you need to put your swing together! First things first, the traditional S-Hook for the swing to chain connection ensures the endurance needed to stand up to your child’s all-day energy levels. Our line of S-Hook connections include a variety of length and wire thicknesses for residential or commercial use, as well as a variety of metal types for rust protection. We offer a huge selection of S-Hooks for your backyard playset or that school playground project you are updating or installing. For a quick install option, choose from our line of Clevis connectors. galvanized or stainless steel double clevis is the perfect connector for Tire swings!

We also offer a wide variety of connecting hardware for both commercial and backyard equipment. Our Spring Clips offer easy, one-handed installation, and are available as a standard Spring Clip or include a Lock Nut for an added extra secure connection. Our high-quality Quick Link clip is easy to install and remove thanks to its screw-type closure for a safe, secure connection. For roped-based swings and climbers, a Pelican hook is the perfect choice. Prized for its durability, this traditional playground hook is available in multiple diameters. Or if you have an old tire that you want to repurpose, check out our line of connectors specifically designed for tire swings. Our Tire Eyebolt Set is designed for mounting at three equally spaced points in the sidewall, for a strong horizontal mount. If you need more than eyebolts, we offer complete Tire Swing Bundles for light, heavy, and extra heavy-duty applications. Each bundle includes a tire swivel (with grease fitting for easy periodic lubrication), spring clips, S-hooks, partially coated chain, and a tire eye bolt set. Everything you need to easily put your tire swing together!