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S-Hook Plier & Chain Cutter (T100)

S-Hook Plier & Chain Cutter

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  • Product Description

    Our special made S-Hook Plier will close and open s-hooks and features a chain cutter for cutting up to 5/16" chain. Legs are 34" long with rubber boot on one leg and one leg with flat part to put your foot for leverage.


    • Closes and opens s-hooks
    • Cuts chain up to 5/16" wire diameter
    • 34" long legs


    Operating Instructions

    Cutting Chain

    Spread the legs of the pliers apart and put chain at the back of the very large set of jaws. Put leg with flat end on the ground. The flat end does not have a rubber end. Place your foot on the flat end for leverage and press plier’s legs together until the chain is cut. Pliers cut chain that is 5/16” in diameter.

    Closing S-Hooks

    Put the S-hook in the front part of the large jaws and close the legs of the pliers and the S-hook will close.

    Opening S-Hooks

    Use the little jaws at the other end of the head of the pliers. Put the top or outer jaw inside of the closed S-hook. Close the legs of the pliers and the S-hook should open.

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