Rock Grips Red (ROCK-R)

Rock Grips

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    These commercial grade Rock Grips come in a set of 12. They are plastic blow molded from polyethylene with UV and cold weather protection. The attaching screws and bolts are not included.


    • Set of 12
    • Available in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
    • Plastic blow molded from polyethylene with UV and cold weather protection
    • Average size of rock holds are 5" x 3-3/4"
    • Bolt hole diameters are 1/4" and 3/8"
    • Screws and bolts not included


    Installation Instructions

    You will need twelve 1-1/2" long 3/8" lag bolts and twelve 1-1/2" #12 wood screws for each set of rocks. Determine difficulty and height wanted. For one set of rocks, use 1" plywood, for taller set, use thicker plywood. Plan configuration wanted for rocks. Place rock on board and mark with pencil where holes need to be drilled. Drill a pilot hole for 3/8" lag bolt for large hole and #12 for small hole for each rock. Then using a 9/16" socket, screw 3/8" lag bolt into rock. Do not tighten until second bolt is installed. Using a 5/16" socket, screw in the #12 wood screw. Tighten both screws. Continue procedure until all twenty-four bolts are screwed in completely. Make sure no sharp point protrudes beyond back of plywood.

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