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XL Dinosaur Climbing Holds - Screw-Ons (Set of 5)


Roaring into the room are the XL Dinosaur Climbing Holds! Jurassic in size, these screw-on climbing holds give kids a chance to hang from... Read More

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Roaring into the room are the XL Dinosaur Climbing Holds! Jurassic in size, these screw-on climbing holds give kids a chance to hang from a Brontosaurus or soar with a Pterodactyl. Add unique climbing holds to your climbing wall to make it fun and educational! Challenge your child to work toward one dino with the end goal to reach another. Use these dino climb holds as goal posts to build strength and coordination. 

These screw-on holds are designed to be attached to 3/4" plywood or thicker material with indoor/outdoor screws. Choose optionally to include a set of zinc plated wood screws so you have everything you need with your holds arrive! For the bolt-on holds, see our XL Dinosaur Climbing Holds - Bolt On (Set of 5).

All Atomik climbing holds are made in the USA, and include a Lifetime Warranty.

Rock Hold Set Features

  • Set of 5 extra large screw-on holds
  • Select from Standard or Premium Colors (colors may vary from pictures)
  • Great for children's climbing walls
  • Screw-on style holds are less limited on where they can be placed
  • Choose to order with or without zinc plated wood screws
  • Lifetime Warranty on climbing holds
  • Made in the USA

Dinosaur Rock Hold Shapes

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex:
    • There is a jug on the head and an incut rail along the spine and tail
    • Measures: 13" wide x 6-1/2" tall x 3" standing off the wall
  • Triceratops:
    • There is a jug on its back and if rotated, you can grab an edge on the armored head
    • Measures: 9-1/2" wide x 5" tall x 2-1/2" standing off the wall
  • Pterodactyl:
    • This early bird has a jug on its head
    • Measures: 8-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" tall x 2-7/8" standing off the wall
  • Stegosaurus:
    • You can grab its head or on the bony plates
    • Measures: 11-3/4" wide x 5-1/2" tall x 3-1/4" standing off the wall
  • Brontosaurus:
    • Pinch its neck, grab the head, its back or its tail
    • Measures: 8-1/2" wide x 6-1/4" tall x 3-1/4" standing off the wall

Screw-on vs. Bolt-on Holds

Screw-on holds attach with either wood screws or concrete Tapcon screws. All you need is 3/4" thick plywood or a thicker material. Bolt-on holds attach with one 3/8-16 Allan head bolt into a 3/8-16 t-nut. The bolt passes through the hold into the panel and then into the t-nut which has been installed in to the back of the panel. The bolt-on system is nice because you can easily move or rotate holds quickly. The t-nuts stay in place in back of the wall.

Screw-on holds attach using drywall, decks screws or concrete Tapcon screws. Atomik Climbing Holds use #6 zinc plated 1-5/8" screws for the majority of the product line. This system is nice because you are not limited to where you can put a hold. You can also attach screw-on holds to concrete walls using Tapcon screws (this will require a hammer drill to drill holes for concrete screws).

Installation Instructions

See the picture gallery for an example of where to place the holds.

If you plan to lay a sheet of plywood right against drywall, simply attach the 3/4" plywood through the drywall to the studs and then you can attach the holds anywhere on the plywood. This method of plywood attachment is acceptable because the holds in this set are screw-ons and attach with multiple wood screws per hold. You can attach these holds directly to concrete as well using concrete Tapcon screws (sold separately).

See How to Build a Wall for complete instructions.


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