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Atomik Climbing Holds - Bolt-Ons (Set of 100) - Mixed Bright Tones

Atomik Climbing Holds - Bolt-Ons (Set of 100)

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  • Product Description

    Atomik Climbing Holds brings top quality rock climbing holds to the backyard playset! Ever wanted to turn a whole wall into a rock climbing adventure? This is THE set for creating a massive climbing wall that kids will scale and love to play on for hours and hours! Here's just one example of how you can turn your garage into a climbing wall.

    These bolt-on holds securely attach to plywood, 1" or 1.5" boards, and with t-nuts allow for easy rotating and re-arrangement! Choose optionally to include stainless bolts and t-nuts so you have everything you need with your holds arrive!

    All Atomik climbing holds are made in the USA, and include a Lifetime Warranty.

    Rock Hold Set Features

    • Set of 100 bolt-on holds
    • Select from Mixed Bright Tones or Mixed Earth Tones (colors may vary from pictures)
    • Great for preschoolers and up
    • Bolt-on style holds can be easily re-arranged or rotated
    • Grade 8 washers embedded into holds
    • Hardware options available (see details below)
    • Lifetime Warranty on climbing holds
    • Made in the USA
    • Texture feels like clean sandstone
    • Select from Standard or Premium Colors (colors may vary from pictures)

    What Holds Are Included?

    A perfect set to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. The smallest of the holds can be stood on with a running shoe, and increase in size from there.

    • 42 small holds:  21 classic / 21 font
    • 36 medium holds:  15 positive / 10 granite / 11 mini jugs
    • 22 large holds:  10 classic jugs / 12 limestone jugs

    Hardware Options

    • Requires 3/8-16 Allan head bolts (regular lag bolts will not fit)
    • Choose to order with or without stainless Allan head bolts and set of 100 t-nuts
    • Hardware set includes L-wrench for tightening bolts
    • Select wall thickness (determines bolt length included)

    Screw-on vs. Bolt-on Holds

    Screw-on holds attach with either wood screws or concrete Tapcon screws. All you need is 3/4" thick plywood or a thicker material. Bolt-on holds attach with one 3/8-16 Allan head bolt into a 3/8-16 t-nut. The bolt passes through the hold into the panel and then into the t-nut which has been installed in to the back of the panel. The bolt-on system is nice because you can easily move or rotate holds quickly. The t-nuts stay in place in back of the wall.

    Screw-on holds attach using drywall, decks screws or concrete Tapcon screws. Atomik Climbing Holds use #6 zinc plated 1 5/8 screws for the majority of the product line. This system is nice because you are not limited to where you can put a hold. You can also attach screw-on holds to concrete walls using Tapcon screws (this will require a hammer drill to drill holes for concrete screws).

    Installation Instructions

    See the picture gallery for an example of where to place the holds. If installing against drywall or concrete, be sure to "fur" the plywood away from the wall so that the bolts from the holds don’t bottom out against the material.

    See How to Build a Wall for complete instructions.

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