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Whether you’re building a backyard play set for your kids or keeping up the maintenance for the playground at the local park, you must agree that choosing the right chain is vital. When choosing a chain swing or a rope, consider these factors: Does the play area experience a lot of traffic? What are the ages of the kids who play on the equipment? Are you installing a swing that’s ADA compliant? Are you in an area where harsh weather is a major factor? We offer a wide selection of swing chains for residential and commercial use. Chains for swings come in many different options today and you will undoubtedly want to learn about the differences between classic swingset chains, coated swing chains, and ropes before making a selection. Each type of chain or rope offers unique benefits like cost-effectiveness or added safety.

For added protection from the elements, there are plastic coated chains for swings available. The bottom parts of these chains are coated in Plastisol, giving kids a soft clean area to grip. You can also choose a chain that is fully coated for total rust protection, top-to-bottom. Available in a variety of different colors, these coated chains are also a great way to give your play area a facelift without spending an arm and a leg. Little adventurers will appreciate the soft grip material which virtually eliminates the pinching that can occur with chains that do not feature the plastic coating. The non-coated areas of the chain are either coated with zinc or galvanized plating. If you are installing a disc swing seat, our sturdy nylon ropes are the perfect choice, offering strong, versatile, and cost-effective options. Whatever your playground needs, there is a rope or chain that's just right for your project.