Smooth Galvanized Swing Chain

Smooth Galvanized Swing Chain

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    Our Smooth Galvanized Swing Chain is great for any playground! Dacromet galvanization gives this chain a very smooth coating with superior protection against rust than hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel chain. Available in regular or heavy duty sizes, either size suitable for commercial grade use.

    Playground Chain Features

    • Extremely smooth and durable coating
    • Dacromet coating gives superior strength and rust protection over hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel chain
    • Select from regular duty 3/16" or heavy duty 1/4" chain links
    • 3/16" links have an approximate inner diameter of 1" x 7/16"
    • 1/4" links have an approximate inner diameter of 1-1/4" x 3/8"
    • Chain is available in lengths up to 50 ft 
    • Sold individually (order a qty of two chain lengths for most swings)

    Cut Length Disclaimer

    Please note this chain is cut by hand based on the length selected. There may be minor variations between lengths if ordering multiple lengths of chain. Chain can easily be hung by lower links to get your swings completely level if there is an issue with the lengths not matching. Standard bolt cutters can cut through the links if necessary to cut off any excess. Likewise, most local hardware stores will make chain cuts for free.

    Chain Pricing

    You can order chain in various lengths that are just right for your playground. A full uncut 50 ft length of chain is available at a discounted price per foot.

    Qty 3/16" (Regular Duty) 1/4" (Heavy Duty)
    2-40 ft $2.25 / ft $2.95 / ft
    50 ft $1.85 / ft $2.65 / ft
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