Non-Wrap Pipe Beam Swing Hanger

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Our Non-Wrap Swing Hangers have been redesigned with a smoother top to better meet protrusion regulations. Galvanized steel non-wrapping ... Read More

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Our Non-Wrap Swing Hangers have been redesigned with a smoother top to better meet protrusion regulations. Galvanized steel non-wrapping swing hanger in two halves without the use of bolts. The non-wrap hangers help prevent swing chain from getting caught on top of swing sets and wrapping around the pipe. This is a safety issue that helps keep the stress from the chain and fasteners, and keeps the motion on the swing hanger, where it belongs. It helps the chain and fasteners from being worn prematurely from friction. These hangers can replace regular swing hangers without dismantling a swing set.

They are made of galvanized steel and a nylon sleeve. These have a .393 ID oil light bearing.


  • Non-wrap design helps prevent swing chain from getting caught
  • Commercial grade and suitable for public parks and school playgrounds
  • Galvanized steel with a nylon sleeve
  • Includes a grease fitting for regular greasing
  • Tensile strength of 8900 lbs
  • Select from hangers for 2-3/8", 3-1/2", or 5" pipe beam diameters
  • Shackle pendulum allows for easy attachment without the use of S-hooks
  • Important: Requires our unique SH-41 Hex Tool (sold separately)
  • Please measure carefully before ordering! See instructions here for measuring pipe diameter.
  • Sold individually


  • Determine spacing of the swing hangers by consulting our swing spacing chart
  • Mark the swing frame piping with the correct spacing
  • Use the SH-41 Hex Tool wrench to remove the tamper-proof bolt from the H-shackle and remove the steel swing hanger from the plastic pipe collar
  • Place the plastic pipe collar halves onto the swing frame piping and ensure proper alignment of the pipe collar. The plastic pipe collar should fit snug around the pipe.
  • Mark the four screw holes of the plastic pipe collar with a marker on the swing frame piping
  • Remove the plastic pipe collar and pre-drill four holes using a 3/16" drill bit, then reinstall the pipe collar
  • Secure the plastic pipe collar to the swing frame using the provided #12 set screws
  • Recheck the plastic pipe collar for proper alignment
  • Prior to installing the steel swing hanger, grease the area of the plastic pipe collar where the steel swing hanger will ride (grade #2 multi-purpose lithium grease is recommended)
  • Place the steel swing hanger onto the plastic pipe collar, and reinstall the H-shackle and tamper-proof bolt
  • Make sure the swing hanger moves freely

To install the swing onto the swing hanger, use the SH-41 Hex Tool wrench to remove the short tamper-proof bolt from the H-shackle and insert the end chain link into the H-shackle, and reinstall the tamper-proof bolt. Check that the bolt is attached with no more than 2 threads showing beyond the body of the H-shackle. Recheck and tighten bolts and screws if needed.


At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for sharp edges and/or cracks in hanger, paying particular attention to plastic collar. It should also be determined at this time whether more grease is needed to ensure the swing hanger to moves freely. The grease fitting located on the steel swing hanger is a flush-style grease fitting and requires an adapter for most grease guns. If the proper adapter is not available, the pipe collar can be re-greased by removing the steel swing hanger and putting the grease directly onto the plastic pipe collar. Check to see if the H-shackle is worn or cracking. Check that tamper bolts in shackle are tight. When shackle is worn or cracked, replace shackle. Check that self-tapping screws in sleeve are not missing or loose. Check for vandalism. Replace parts if necessary. Maintain detailed inspection and maintenance records for public-use playground equipment.


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