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Regular maintenance on playground equipment is vital, as it helps to minimize the risk of preventable injuries. As with anything with moving parts, playground equipment suffers from wear and tear. As the person responsible for keeping your playground safe and fun, it's important to have the proper swing tools for the job. Regular tools just won't cut it...which is why we carry all the tools that you need to keep your playground safe. For example, a specially designed hex tool is an invaluable item to have in your maintenance arsenal. This is not your standard allen wrench – it is designed specifically for Clevis and Shackle connectors, Double Clevis connectors, as well as swing hangers with clevis pendulums. A special hole on each end of the hex tool is configured to these types of connectors to prevent theft.

If your playground equipment is installed using S-hooks, you already know the value of a good S-hook tool. A typical 31" S-Hook Tool is designed to give you more leverage than a standard set of pliers, making it easy to open and close an S-hook. For even more versatility, add a 34" long S-Hook Plier & Chain Cutter to your toolbox. In addition to effortlessly opening and closing s-hooks, this tool also features a chain cutter that takes all the work out of re-sizing chain for your swing. The extra long legs on this swing tool give you the leverage you need for the job. The one leg design with a flat end to makes it easy to use your foot to give you the additional leverage that you need to safely open and close s-links and cut chain. You should also have a replacement head on hand for the unlikely event that the head should break. Using the proper swing tools will help you keep your playground safe and fun for years to come.