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If you’re responsible for playground maintenance or just need to update your backyard set, you will appreciate having quick and easy access to the parts that you need. This vast collection has everything to keep your playground safe and fun, from fasteners to brackets to bolts to tire swivels. You will also find hardware to keep your playset looking great, all while keeping it safe and functional for your children. We offer swing set bolts and swing plates to keep your hardware safe and updated. Swing out seat hardware is also available for your specialty needs. Our line of A-Brackets is perfect for flat swing seats, including flat seats that you have made yourself. If you have an old tire that you want to repurpose, check out our line of connectors designed explicitly for tire swings. Our tire mounting sets are designed for mounting at three equally spaced points in the sidewall for a strong horizontal mount.

When it comes to your play area, safety always comes first, especially when you have a bunch of kids holding contests to see who can swing the highest. With an unanchored swing set, this is a dangerous situation and a potential disaster waiting to happen. To that end, we offer the swing set grounding kits. These ground anchor systems were designed to securely anchor your playground play set to the ground, reinforcing its stability. For playground equipment that requires additional strength and stability, the Triangular Steel Brace is perfect. Protected by a green powder-coated finish, these steel brackets provide additional support for corners and other areas. Also available is a wide selection of replacement harnesses for adapted swings. For toddler swings, we offer harness options that fasten securely across half-bucket swing seats. A plastic cover keeps the chain cool and offers a comfortable grip.