SwingSetMall.com Announces Collaboration to Ensure Safe Swing Set Hardware and Accessories

Iverson Associates to advise SwingSetMall.com on proposed new product lines.

Bremerton, Washington – January 27, 2011 – SwingSetMall.com, online retailer of swing set accessories and parts, has announced a collaboration with Iverson Associates, run by internationally renowned expert in playground safety and risk management, MaryLou Iverson. The company expects this partnership to provide a service to our customers, since the technical expertise of Iverson will ensure the safety of children who use SwingSetMall’s products for enjoyment.

Iverson Associates provides consultation services that involve full inventory and inspection of playgrounds. All components are tested according to the standards set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and recommendations found in the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Public Playground Safety Handbook. The firm’s services include audits, inspections, and recommendations for equipment and supplies that will be beneficial for SwingSetMall.com’s online catalog of swing set accessories. This includes the company’s full line of swing sets and swing set parts such as swing seats, playground slides, swing structures, braces, and frame fittings, and basic hardware like clips, chains, and swing hangers.

Glenn Stockton, President of SwingSetMall.com, said, “Every parent deserves peace of mind while their children have fun in the playground. We’ve all heard horror stories about injuries resulting from poorly designed equipment. By utilizing the expertise of MaryLou Iverson, we hope to assure parents that our swing set parts and accessories are the safest in the industry.”

SwingSetMall.com seeks to provide the safest swing set accessories of any online retailer, including its wooden and metal swing sets and swing set kits. In addition to confirming that its swing set hardware meets and exceeds all current safety guidelines, the company is taking advantage of expert consultation to ensure the safety of its proposed playground events and components as well.

The company takes pride in its safety measures, and is confident in MaryLou Iverson’s expert knowledge. Iverson was a founder of the National Recreation & Park Association (NPRA), Park Planning and Maintenance Resource School, and served on the Board of Directors of the NPRA National Playground Safety Institute. She currently is on several committees of NRPA’s National Playground Safety Inspectors Program and is an instructor for their CPSI course. She is also a member of the ASTM committees that guide public playground safety. Iverson is on the Board of National Playground Contractors Association, International (NPCA) and is an instructor in the Playground Construction School. For more information on Iverson Associates, visit http://theiversonassociates.com/, and log on to www.swingsetmall.com to browse SwingSetMall’s catalog of swing sets and swing set accessories.

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