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GoSwing Portable Tree Swing with Rope (GS-GOSWING)

GoSwing Portable Tree Swing with Rope

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  • Product Description

    The ONLY portable tree swing that can GO anywhere! GoSwing is a new way to experience the enjoyment of a tree swing anywhere you travel! The GoSwing is perfect for family camping, bringing to a park, or on vacation. You will love the pack-and-go portability of this high quality swing.

    Everything is included to get your GoSwing set up quickly & efficiently so you can start swinging in minutes! When it's time to stop swinging, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get your GoSwing off the limb & packed up! Keep it in your car, RV, or backpack because you never know when you might find that perfect tree limb.

    GoSwing Features

    • Includes 25 ft of heavy duty rope
    • 12 ft retrieval rope
    • Beautiful 11" diameter maple seat
    • Convenient bag cinches up and stores the swing and rope
    • Includes carabiner and metal ring
    • Easy to setup and take down
    • Includes easy to follow instructions
    • Holds up to 250 lbs!
    • Recommended for tree limbs 10-15 ft high
    • For residential family use only

    Set Up Instructions

    • Find a safe location and healthy tree limb
    • Coil main rope and throw over limb
    • Feed long end of rope through loop
    • Attach retrieval rope to main rope loop using carabiner
    • Hoist loop up tree by pulling on end of main rope
    • Reverse bag and pass main rope through disc and bag
    • Tie a knot under disc using metal ring (see manual). Metal ring assists in loosening knot when finished
    • Place remaining rope in bag and pull drawstring to close bag. Place drawstring in bag as well
    • Tie retrieval rope to main rope or another branch within reach
    • Have fun and GoSwing! :)

    Take Down Instructions

    • Loosen drawstring and remove rope
    • Use metal ring to loosen and untie knot
    • Pass long end of main rope through disc
    • Gently pull on retrieval rope to bring loop of main rope toward ground
    • Unclip retrieval rope and pull remaining main rope off limb
    • Turn bag to its starting position and place ropes in bag
    • GoSwing is now ready to be moved to its next location
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    Recommended Use:
    Tags: Residential
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