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Structure Roof Tarp - 2 Colors

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  • Product Description is happy to bring you custom Vinyl Roof Tarps for your play structure! Our heavy duty tarps are great for keeping your playset shady and dry!

    Playset Roof Tarp Features

    • Heavy Duty 13 ounce UV protected and waterproof vinyl
    • All four edges are folded over and sewn
    • Available with your choice of grommets, snaps, or no hardware
    • Hardware is between 12-18" apart
    • Choose from a variety of color schemes
    • Note: some tarp sizes may require seams


    Ordering Instructions

    Note that this item is custom made to your specifications and is non-returnableEspecially because of this, please carefully read through the following instructions for ordering your custom playset roof tarp. This will ensure that you get exactly what you expect and require.

    Selecting Your Options

    1. Make your Color, Hardware, and Hardware Location selections
    2. Select the Size of your Roof Tarp in square feet (NOTE: See how to calculate square feet below)
    3. Enter the Roof Tarp Width (inches) and Length (inches) in the text fields


    Calculating Square Feet

    To calculate square feet, multiply the Width (inches) by the Length (inches) of your tarp and divide by 144. Example: 44" x 80" = 3520 square inches ÷ 144 = 24.44 square feet (always round up) = 25.

    Grommets vs. Snap Hardware

    In ordering your tarp, you have the option of including Grommets or Snap hardware along the appropriate edges. With grommets, you simply fasten the tarp down on the playset by using a screw with a washer through the grommet hole. While grommets are a bit more convenient to install, many customers choose snaps over grommets because it is easier to remove the tarp for winter months. With snaps, you will receive a screw with a male snap head that screws into your playset. The female snap is already fastened to the tarp and snaps onto the male screw head like a button.

    Hardware on Playset Roof Tarp

    Width Edge vs. Length Edge

    Please specify which edge you want the hardware to run along. It is most common for the hardware to run along the Width (or "short") edges of the tarp. For example, if you provide a Width of 50" and a Length of 100" and select hardware on the Width edges, your hardware will be fastened along the 50" edges.

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