Why Swing Sets are AWESOME

It's a bird, it's a plane… No! It's the mighty SWING SET FLIER!

From the time kids are barely old enough to toddle around the playground, they seem to instinctively understand that the swing set is the coolest part of every playground. Going down the slide or climbing through the tunnel may hold an active toddler's attention for a little while, but it's nothing compared to the draw of the swings. No matter how long you push them, it's never enough. "Swing me!" "Push me!" "MORE, Daddy! MORE, Mommy!"

This childhood fascination is why a swing set, well equipped with swing set accessories, is one of the focal points of a great playground. Whether you are putting up a backyard swing set for your own kids or designing a public playground, the swings are destined to be every kid's favorite part.

When kids are young, getting pushed or learning to propel themselves forward and back in the swing are plenty exciting enough, but as kids get older they start to incorporate the swing set into all kinds of games. Who here hasn't played one of these games with the swings, with or without parental permission or supervision:

  • Giving someone an underdog, where you push them high and then pass underneath them as they reach the highest point - the best and highest push you can give someone
  • Doing "the spider," where one kid sits on another kid's lap, facing them, so that their legs pump in different directions (making sure first that the swing can support both kids' weight, of course)
  • See who can jump the farthest off the swing, flip and stick their landing, etc. "Catch me if you can" - one person tries to time their swinging to another person, who tries to get away
  • Jump off the swing into leaves or snow, piled high to make it a soft landing
  • Swing with the sprinklers going in the summer; rotating sprinklers are the best because you never know when they'll get you!

In addition, swinging lends itself to all kinds of pretend games. Pretending to be super heroes? Fly to the next bad guy on the swings. Star Wars? The swings are your X-wing fighters. Does the game call for horses, race cars, space ships, or even a rough ride through a storm on a sailing ship at sea? The swings are the obvious choice for all of these and more.

How to Get the Best Flight

The key to happy fighter pilots (or race car drivers, or space aliens, or super heroes) is making sure you have the right swing set accessories for the best possible flight. A good swing set makes you feel like you're flying, but a bad one is bumpy and uncomfortable. Here are a few tips for creating the ride of your young one's life:

  • Age-appropriate swings - If you have a baby or toddler, make sure there is bucket swing for him or her, but also make sure to replace it as he or she gets older. If you are designing a school playground or a public playground, make sure about a quarter or a third of your swings are baby swings.
  • Belt swings for older kids - Remember when you were a kid, how much you hated those stiff, flat plastic swings? They made flips harder and tended to bump worse than the flexible belt kind, which hugged you and moved with you. Nothing kills the feel of flying like an uncomfortable swing!
  • Other accessories - Nothing beats the simplicity of the simple swing, so don't try to get too creative. It's like getting a kid an expensive toy, and finding that they like the box the best: If you put in too many fancy swing set accessories, you'll cause the kids to fight over who gets the regular swings. However, there's nothing wrong with putting in rings and/or a trapeze bar, or maybe a glider.
  • A sturdy swing set! Don't skimp on the quality or installation -- nothing disrupts the feel of flying like the bone-jarring BUMP of the swing set shifting with your weight! Buy a strong, sturdy swing set and make sure it's installed securely so it won't move around when the kids swing.

By following these guidelines, you can make sure your little cadets have a safe, fun flight every time!

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