Top 10 Playground Games and Activities

With all of the advances in technology, one might think that today's children do not even know what a playground is. But on the contrary, kids still love the same activities that their parents enjoyed when they were young. Playing outside in the sun on a warm summer day or even during the cold of winter is still a favorite activity for kids. Here are some of the most popular playground games and activities today.

Boy Sliding1. Jungle Gym: Having a jungle gym, whether in your own backyard or in a schoolyard, makes for endless possibilities for children! With all of the different features that jungle gyms have these days, children can let their imaginations take control and play for hours. Be sure and check out these playground safety tips before purchasing or letting your kids play on one.

2. Sliding: We can easily assume that kids are coming up with another much more exciting fantasy rather than just sliding down a plastic slide into some sand. The sand is often imagined as something much more thrilling, like lava or a turbulent ocean! The sky's the limit for a child's imagination and a playground slide is the perfect place to let it roam.

3. Climbing: If you are a parent, you know that a child will likely try to climb anything when they are young. Children seem to have no fear. A playground with playset accessories such as ladders, staircases, and bridges is a perfect place Girl Climbing Rope Ladderfor children to climb the structure and let their inner monkey out! You can often add other fun features such as monkey bars, rock holds, and even a climbing wall.

4. Hide and Seek: Hide and seek is one of the most popular games amongst children. The game has been played for decades and continues to capture the attention of kids. There are many variations of the game including the game Sardines, Midnight and Bloody Murder!

5. Jump Rope: There are so many different ways to have fun with jump rope. A child can play jump rope alone, with a short rope, or with friends using a long jump rope and even multiple ropes! It can be very challenging. There are even ways to set up big competitions, keeping children occupied for hours! Check out this USA Jump Rope Competition.

6. Hopscotch: Hopscotch is another game that can easily be played alone or with friends. You don’t even need a permanent hopscotch outline, it can be drawn with chalk on any flat pavement area and become a really neat art project, keeping children occupied for hours.

7. Tag: There are many variations of the game tag. There is laser tag, flashlight tag, elevator tag and many more! It is a game that can be played with two children or with many. This is a perfect game for snack time or lunch breaks in that it can be ended at any time.

Girl Swinging8. Four Square: Four Square is also known as square ball, hand ball, and some other names. It is a ball game that requires little equipment and is yet another that can be ended at any time. It can be modified with different size squares, balls, and level of difficulty so it is perfect for children of different ages to play together.

9. Swinging on a Favorite Swing: Children love to fly through the air on a playground swing set, pretending that they are a bird, a plane, or even an astronaut launching into space. Many different swing set accessories can be added to a play set, but many children still love that regular old swing.

10. Dodgeball: The classic game of dodgeball has stood the test of time and still remains a popular playground game among kids. Dodgeball is a relatively easy game to play on a variety of surfaces—grass, dirt, even pavement—and allows for a large number of participants. Another advantage of Dodgeball is that it requires very little equipment other than a few dodgeballs.

In addition to different versions of all of these games, rules and versions also vary by culture. Many cultures have fun and creative additions to everything from jump rope to tag to hopscotch. Engaging children in activities like these helps both their bodies and their minds!

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