Custom Tube Slide Design Request

Receive a free, no obligation quote for your custom tube slide project! Use the simple form below to tell us about your project and we will send you a PDF of the CAD design and a price quote including shipping cost to the designated location. Quotes for professional installation can also be provided once the slide design is finalized.

To see complete roto-molded plastic specifications, slide styles, color options, budget guidance, and other helpful information about ordering these slides, visit our Custom Tube Slide Information page.

Quote & Lead Times

Quotes and designs are taking around two weeks. Some projects require more time depending on complexity. Current production lead time of our custom plastic slides is running approximately 8 to 12 weeks from order date to ship date. While we will do our best to work with time constraints, production ultimately cannot be rushed so please plan accordingly.

General Budgeting

If you are simply looking for ballpark pricing, please visit our Custom Tube Slide category for example spiral slides with pricing, or look at our Slide Budgeting section.

Have Questions?

If you have questions and/or you don't know exactly what you want – don't let that stop you! Feel free to call to discuss your ideas with a Design Consultant prior to filling out and submitting this form by calling us at 1-800-985-7659 x 103 or by emailing us at

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Freight Shipping Cost

Although our website offers Free Shipping on orders over $149, this does not apply to our Custom Tube Slides due to the extremely variable cost of freight shipping. This cost typically ranges between $1,500-2,500 depending on the size of the slide and the distance it will need to travel. You can checkout through our website with the slide, after which we will contact you within 2-3 days with the final cost including shipping, of if you request a custom tube slide design, we will include the shipping cost with the quote. The delivery location must be able to accept semi-truck deliveries or may incur accessorial charges. Semi-truck deliveries require the ability to turn around or drive through the delivery location. Quoted delivery will be via semi-truck unless you advise otherwise. Off-loading and reloading to an alternate delivery vehicle will be at additional charge.

Installation Information is pleased to offer a quote for the professional installation of your custom tube slide. The cost can vary tremendously based on the challenges of the slide's design and the location of the project. The typical range falls between 30-60% of the slide's cost. Some of the larger and more complicated slide projects require the expertise of a professional playground installer to ensure proper and safe installation. If in doubt, we suggest you include professional installation with your Custom Tube Slide quote request, or contact us to discuss.

When ordering commercial-grade events like this, assembly instructions are not included. Commercial-grade events are intended to be installed by a professional playground contractor.  If you do not order professional installation, you are responsible for the proper installation of the event.  For orders that do not include professional installation, unless you advise otherwise, your slide will be shipped with "assemblies completed". "Assemblies completed" means that the event is assembled at the factory - holes drilled, hardware installed, etc. The event is then usually partly dis-assembled for transport. Commercial grade components are warranted for one year against material and manufacturing defects.

To see complete roto-molded plastic specifications, color options, and other helpful information about ordering these slides, visit our Custom Tube Slide Information page.