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We are pleased and excited to welcome you to our newly designed website! This is the third iteration of the SwingSetMall.com website, since launching in 2007 (though our company has existed with other sites prior to this), and it brings many changes we feel greatly improve upon the previous design.

Out With The Old. . .

About this time of year in 2010, we launched a completely customized template for SwingSetMall.com. The fun, bright feel, and ease of use of the site produced frequent comments from our customers about how they loved visiting our store and the entire shopping experience. When it came time to freshen up and redo the design, we knew we wanted to maintain these elements that were so loved by our customers.

In With The New. . .

Now, in addition to a bright and fun feel, the store is now even easier to navigate with its across-the-top drop down menu, which greatly reduces the number of clicks you will have to make to find the category you're looking for. It also gives a much better at-a-glance view of the many categories of products we carry with just the hover a mouse.

From customer feedback, we've also improved our checkout flow, and made it easier to access your shopping cart at any time – now clearly visible at the top of the site at all times, as well as on the left column of the categories while shopping.

One other addition to highlight, is a clear "commercial" or "residential" tag on ALL products on our store so you can easily determine whether the item is intended for public or backyard use. This information was previously much less visible within the "Other Details" tab. Of course, many of our residential customers will still want the heaviest duty items we offer, so the "commercial" tab will make identifying those items all the easier!

Soon to come will be a more mobile friendly template, which will make shopping at SwingSetMall.com very easy from your phone or tablet device.


Is the new site perfect? Of course not! We value your feedback and appreciate your comments about the new design. If you have any problems shopping, let us know by visiting our Contact Us page!

From all of us at SwingSetMall.com, we hope you enjoy shopping on the new store!

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