Zipline Tensioning Kit (DGTKit)

Zipline Cable Tensioning Kit

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    Install a new zipline kit with confidence and ease with the Zipline Cable Tensioning Kit. Installing backyard ziplines can be intimidating, that's why we recommend reaching for an extra strong hand to help the process. This zipline installation tool is that extra hand you need to pull the proper tension for zipline cables. It is a must for installing zip lines over 150' in length.


    • Cable grab for 3/16" - 3/4" cable
    • 1.5-ton ratchet winch
    • 8' lanyard for wrapping around anchor point
    • Reduces installation time

    Operating Instructions

    Simply wrap the 8' lanyard around the tree or anchor point, then attach it to one end of the winch. The other end of the winch will connect to the cable grab, which will grab the zipline cable that is already secured to the other anchor point. Tighten the winch until the zipline cable becomes taut. Finally wrap the zipline cable around the tree and secure the tag end to the taut end using cable clamps. Check the tension before every use to reduce chance for failures. 

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    • Tensioning Kit Demo

    Tensioning Kit Demo

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