Retro Garage Playset Roof Tarp

Retro Garage Playset Roof Tarp

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    Fill 'er Up! Top it off! The perfect playset tarp for those kids that walk around with a car in each hand! They've officially turned your slide into on of the sweetest dare-devil ramps in the neighborhood. And although it seems like they will never run out of gas, you better believe their cars will! Made of heavy 13oz vinyl or super duty 16oz black-out vinyl; with hemmed edges and grommets in all 4 corners (and every 2-3 feet on the shortest side) for easy installation. These vinyl tarps are UV coated for extra protection and long-lasting vivid color.

    Playset Roof Tarp Features

    • Unique and high quality Retro Garage design custom printed to fit your tarp size
    • Choose from heavy 13oz vinyl or super duty 16oz black-out vinyl
    • UV coating for added durability and long-lasting vivid color
    • Hemmed edges and grommets in all 4 corners (and every 2-3 feet on the shortest side) for easy installation
    • Made to your dimensions, rounded to the nearest inch, for tarp sizes under 55 square feet (see ordering instructions below) 

    Ordering Instructions

    Please carefully read through the following instructions for ordering your custom playset roof tarp. This will best ensure that you are getting what you need, as these are custom made to your specifications and non-returnable.

    Selecting Your Options

    1. Choose your Vinyl Weight
    2. Select the Size of your Roof Tarp in square feet (NOTE: See how to calculate square feet below)
    3. Enter the Roof Tarp Width (inches) and Length (inches) in the text fields (these measurements must be rounded to the nearest inch)

    Calculating Square Feet

    To calculate square feet, multiply the Width (inches) by the Length (inches) of your tarp and divide by 144. Example: 44" x 80" = 3520 square inches ÷ 144 = 24.44 square feet (always round up) = 25.

    Square Feet Calculator

    Enter your tarp measurements in inches to calculate the total square feet of the tarp. Use this number to determine what range your tarp falls within for ordering.

    0.00 sq ft

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