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Adding a custom playhouse to the backyard can be a challenge. Knowing how big or how small to build is hard when kids seem to outgrow shoes every week. Besides, how do you paint the inside when you can’t even fit in it? Playhouses are for kids after all! Saving you time and head hitting the ceiling headaches, SwingSetMall offers easy-to-assemble Playhouse kits to add to your child’s life!

Our selection includes a playhouse with slide so when those make-believe cookies are ready, your child can deliver them fresh to your door! The Hide-N-Slide wooden playhouse features multiple windows to allow the fresh air to breeze through on those hot summer days, with room inside for all the necessary make-believe kitchen supplies to keep their imagination baking!
Playhouses for kids are a great way for children to model parent behavior, encouraging them to live happy lives while maintaining a clean household!