Wanderer Swing Set

Wanderer Swing Set

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    The Wanderer Swing Set is a full-fun Backyard Odyssey design. It starts with Tower 2 that has a wood roof-covered deck above and the clubhouse package down below. Inside the clubhouse there is a play sink, stove, and cordless phone. And under the loft there is a lower deck with two pedestal seats for relaxing and enjoying cool drinks served through the clubhouse snack window. The balcony has been added to open up the 7' high loft area so the kids can look out over the whole backyard. Challenging monkey bars make climbing a ton of fun. And our dual swing beam provides four widely-spaced heavy duty belt swings for swinging the day away. The 10' wave slide makes swooshing back down to the yard fun and safe.

    All of the Backyard Odyssey sets are made from 100% cedar with extra heavy posts, powder-coated brackets for extra strength, and the SafeTFuse hardware for secure fastening. The wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for ease of assembly and everything you see is included!

    Wanderer Swing Set Features

    • Made of 100% cedar
    • Heavy duty posts
    • Powder-coated brackets for extra strength
    • SafeTFuse hardware for secure fastening
    • Pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained wood for ease of assembly
    • Extra large tower with 7' high upper balcony
    • Lower playhouse with real door, white trimmed windows, and snack window
    • Playhouse has play accessories including sink, stove, and cordless phone
    • Side patio with two pedestal seats
    • Twin swing beams with four widely-spaced swing positions
    • Four comfy belt swings
    • Monkey Bars
    • 10' wave slide
    • Upper deck height: Fort: 5', Balcony: 7'
    • Upper deck dimensions: Fort: 52" x 52", Balcony: 52" x 27"

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    • Wanderer Promo Video

    Wanderer Promo Video

  • Other Details

    Recommended Use:
    Dimensions: 25' 2" w x 18' 8" d x 12' 11" h
    Ages: 3-10 years
    Tags: Residential


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