Shenandoah Wooden Swing Set (65413com)

Shenandoah Wooden Swing Set

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    The Shenandoah is unique. It has an upper and lower fort, each with neat styling. The high fort has hourglass windows with a wood roof and sun burst gables. The lower fort has a clubhouse under the main fort plus a cute side snack window enclosed with its own clubhouse walls. A real door opens to the lower fort area in front. The snack "room" has 3 fun play accessories: sink, stove, and cordless phone. A standard ladder gets the kids up to the 5' high deck and our 10' speedy slide zips them back down again. The swing beam offers two belt swings and a two-person glider for swinging fun all summer long. The whole gang will love the Shenandoah!

    Shenandoah Swing Set Features

    • Large upper fort with unique windows and wood roof with sunburst gables
    • Lower fort with front door and large rear entry
    • Side snack "room" with window, snack window, built-in bench, and cute roof over head
    • Inside accessories include play sink, stove, and cordless phone
    • 10' speedy slide
    • Two belt swings
    • Two-person glider
    • Lower deck dimensions: 80" x 46"
    • Upper deck dimensions: 53" x 44"
    • Upper deck height: 5'

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    • Shenandoah 3D Promo

    Shenandoah 3D Promo

  • Other Details

    Recommended Use:
    Dimensions: 17'-9 1/8" W x 13'-8 1/2" D x 10'-5 1/16" H
    Ages: 3-10 years
    Tags: Residential


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