Safari Swing Set

Safari Swing Set

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    The Safari Swing Set is colossal, enormous, stupendous! It has both of the towers, one with a clubhouse below, the other with a full picnic table underneath. Tower 2 has the balcony up high with a 7' deck and the Turbo Slide as well as a 14' Rocket Slide. Tower 1 has the side Sun Porch with a 12' Rocket Slide. Both towers have 10' Rocket Slides for the ultimate in sliding fun! The heavy duty double swing beam has four widely-spaced belt swings. The whole set is made from 100% cedar. It's easy to assemble and contains our unique SafeTLock hardware, powder-coated metal brackets for extra strength, and the wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained. The Safari will be the envy of the neighborhood!

    Safari Swing Set Features

    • Made of 100% cedar
    • Heavy duty posts
    • Powder-coated brackets for extra strength
    • SafeTFuse hardware for secure fastening
    • Pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained wood for ease of assembly
    • Two large towers with wood roofs
    • Tower 1 has side porch and picnic table down below
    • Tower 2 has upper loft with balcony
    • Playhouse below has real door, white trimmed windows
    • Solid rock wall
    • Dual swing beam with four widely-spaced swing positions
    • Four comfy belt swings
    • Two 10' rocket slides
    • One 12' rocket slide
    • One 14' rocket slide
    • Turbo Slide
    • Upper deck dimensions: Forts: 52" x 52", Balcony: 52" x 36", Side Porch: 52" x 36"
    • Upper deck height: Forts: 5', Balcony: 7', Side Porch: 6'

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    • Safari Promo

    Safari Promo

  • Other Details

    Recommended Use:
    Dimensions: 42' W x 21' D x 12' 11" H
    Ages: 3-10 years
    Tags: Residential


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