Kings Peak Swing Set

Kings Peak Swing Set

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    Kings Peak in Utah pushes over 13,500 feet into the clear western sky. The Kings Peak Swing Set pushes into your backyard with twin peaks and a sun bridge. It starts with twin Tower 1 forts from our Backyard Odyssey line of swingsets. We connect them with the Sun Bridge. One fort has the heavy duty swing beam attached to it with two comfy belt swings. Our 10' rocket slide runs straight and true down to the yard from the tower's 5' high deck. The other tower is for climbing as it has a standard step ladder, the hand-over-hand monkey bars and a solid rock wall. Both towers have wood roofs and sand box areas below with mesh covers. This set also includes our play Telescope and Steering Wheel!

    All of the Backyard Odyssey sets are made from 100% cedar with extra heavy posts, powder-coated brackets for extra strength, and the SafeTFuse hardware for secure fastening. The wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for ease of assembly and everything you see is included!

    Wanderer Swing Set Features

    • Made of 100% cedar
    • Heavy duty posts
    • Powder-coated brackets for extra strength
    • SafeTFuse hardware for secure fastening
    • Pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained wood for ease of assembly
    • Twin heavy duty Tower 1 forts with wood roof
    • Towers connected with Sun Bridge
    • Swing beam with two widely-spaced swings
    • Swings include two comfy belt swings
    • Challenging monkey bars
    • 5' solid rock wall
    • 10' rocket slide
    • Telescope (no magnification)
    • Steering Wheel
    • Upper deck dimensions: 52" x 52" (x 2)
    • Upper deck height: 5'
    • Approximate sand required: 26 cu ft

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    • Kings Peak Promo VIdeo

    Kings Peak Promo VIdeo

  • Other Details

    Recommended Use:
    Dimensions: 23' 2" w 14' 6" d x 11' h
    Ages: 3-10 years
    Tags: Residential


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